Ghost shadows visible in the black gallery


Why does a black gallery wallpaper have ghost thumbnails that are only visible on vertical (portrait) images (These shadows are hidden when the images are in landscape format)?

Kooka-Défault album


Is it possible to send you a screen coy?

Can you post a link to an album?

You can add screen shots to posts by copy/paste

It’s probably some transparency in the Slideshow Backdrop

Hi thanks

You can see it here Bronces Les amoureux de Peynet Photography - John Bronces
D’nt worry Kooka migration is ongooing.

I can see the thumbnails, very faintly.
I think it’s the transparency in the Slideshow Backdrop.

In your page template, go to Slideshow > Backdrop
click on the color drop-down. My guess is that the transparency slider is allowing some transparency. Slide it all the way to the right.


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Yes !!! Thank’s