Google Search Console Nags for missing fields

Using current version of Backlight 5: How do I satisfy Google’s Search Console nags for:

Missing field “copyrightNotice”
Missing field “creator”
Missing field “creditText”

Thanks in advance for your assist!

Sorry, but where are you seeing this?

This info comes from Google Search Console. I looked at some of the pages it refers to and those fields are not present in the pages.

And that’s a report for what, exactly? What page, or type of page? What’s actually on that page? The report itself is meaningless without context.

This came from Google’s “Search Console”. Are you familiar with it?

There is a section on the Console that covers analysis of “Image Metadata”. This next screen capture shows one of the links it is reporting on.

All of the single pages in this gallery have been the same “issues” being reported.

Basically, Google is saying "it would be better if these three fields mentioned appeared in all of the “-single.php” files.

Yes, I am familiar with the search console.

Useful to know that the report is coming from the -single pages specifically. Thanks.

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Looks like these new tags, which are part of the photo’s structured data metadata are optional:

I got here running your page through

Analyzing this a bit further I noticed that that Google successfully indexed your images with the structured data metadata :smile: :

With these being optional fields, I am unlikely to look further into this until I am able to tackle handling of “extra” metadata for images in Kookaburra. That’s on the roadmap, but I need to work on the slideshow customizations before I get there.

When I do, that will be a good time to revisit or update structured data for Kookaburra and Pangolin both.

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“That’s on the roadmap,” works for me. Thanks, Matthew!

For me, it wasn’t a question of whether it was being indexed; the console tells you so. Anytime Google suggests compliance results in “optimized for more relevant queries”, and if compliance “codewise” is doable without having to reinvent the wheel, I’m for it. Google rewards compliance with better visibility and does so in a very granular way.

For me, these last two versions of Backlight have performed extremely well for my SEO work. A good chunk of my improved analytics over the last few years is attributable to Backlight which I strapped onto a Bootstrap 5 architecture for the primary website. The Bootstrap code is leaned out to the max. Bootstrap and Backlight work well together – both super fast / low impact / always mobile compliant. And I’ve learned some new tricks from Backlight along the way! From one gun coder to another, I love and admire what you guys do. Sorry (not sorry) for going off topic.

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