Help! Update broke my Backlight 3 installation

Well, with the release of Backlight 5, I decided to update Backlight 3 to the latest in anticipation of moving up to Backlight 5. Unfortunately, the process of updating Backlight 3 broke. And since the process of updating had always gone smoothly in the past, I didn’t bother making a backup before clicking update…

Is there some place where I can download the latest Backlight 3 packages so I can install via FTP.

When I log in as admin, or try to load the web page I get a page that reads:

Validation Errors:

[0] => LibXMLError Object
[level] => 2
[code] => 1840
[column] => 0
[message] => Element ‘productSuite’: [facet ‘enumeration’] The value ‘kookaburra’ is not an element of the set {‘okapi’, ‘pangolin’}.

        [file] => /home2/jeffwrig/public_html/backlight/modules/kookaburra-page/module.xml
        [line] => 5

[1] => LibXMLError Object
        [level] => 2
        [code] => 1824
        [column] => 0
        [message] => Element 'productSuite': 'kookaburra' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'productSuiteType'.

        [file] => /home2/jeffwrig/public_html/backlight/modules/kookaburra-page/module.xml
        [line] => 5


Thanks in advance!

Until @Ben can take a look, you could try reinstalling by going to
You’ll need your order number and the email address you used to place the order.

Thanks, Ben and Matthew responded very quickly, and are working on a solution. I found that ~/installer still loaded (the other admin pages do not), but went all the way back to Version 2. Since I wasn’t sure what would happen with the installer process at that point, I just decided to play it safe for now.

Hi @JeffWrightPhoto, am I right that you have purchases up to Backlight 3 but nothing newer?
For some reason your site includes the Kookaburra modules, which should not be part of Backlight 3 and as the error shows, won’t validate in Backlight 3.

Do you remember installing those modules, or had you copied them from another of your websites?

A way of fixing this would be to edit the file and add an entry for “kookaburra” below “pangolin” in the following part of the file:

<xs:simpleType name="productSuiteType">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
        <xs:enumeration value="okapi"/>
        <xs:enumeration value="pangolin"/>
        <xs:enumeration value="kookaburra"/>

No, I did not upload from another site. All I did was use the update mechanism in your software, and was left with this cluster f***

Please be civil. We are trying to assist you.

After looking at our installation code, I can not see how it is possible for you to have Kookaburra modules on your site. They are not part of Backlight 3 and should not be there. I can see that they have existed on your site since October 22, 2022. So if your site is now broken, it would have been broken since that date, and not since a recent update.

I’ve provided you with one option to solve this. Another option is for you to delete all directories starting with ‘kookaburra’ in the backlight/modules folder.

Well, the site wasn’t broken last week, and it certainly hasn’t been down for 11 months. As I said, all I did yesterday was use your internal update mechanism to attempt to upgrade to the latest version of Backlight 3. Other than my custom css and php code, which is scant, I haven’t uploaded anything to the website outside of your code, which has always been provided only by you.

For site updates, I have only used your internal update mechanism since it’s inception.

Do you want me to clean this up via FTP?