Hero images quality and size

Hi, I now have had time to have a look at new Backlight 3.1.1. If I understand all right - if I want to use a very good hero image, I have to design it manually in Lightroom or other apps, then upload to a hidden gallery of Backlight and select this image for my hero image?
This is the same way, I create my cover images with 512 px in best quality, because they are soooooo much better.
Or did I miss something? (IOS 14 translation is very good :grinning:)

I think, customization of hero images seems a little poor, same like cover images. Or I am missing something. I have written it some times, if I upload an album with Lightroom, the cover images are all unsharp (without Firefox), so I created all my cover images manually in best quality and uploaded them to a hidden album .custom_thumbnails.
And this is, what I also try to do in the next days with hero images.
I want the cutting of my hero images to do by myself. I will test it.
Greetings to Rod :grinning:


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Hero images are drawn directly from the album’s large images. There is no provision for a hidden album such as exists for the Cover Images.

I think capability to upload custom images for cover and hero via Backlight is the final piece of this particular puzzle. It’s on my radar, but not something we’ve had time to discuss internally yet insofar as committing to the feature for a future update. It’s on my shortlist, though, for near term discussions and planning.

Ok, so hero images are a nogo for me if I cannot select manually and crop them like I want - sorry.