Hi. To use Backlight do I need to:

Hello, I am new to getting Backlight, and want to know that in order to install Backlight, I need to create a URL for it first…yes?
Thanks, Rick Schwab

Yes, you need hosting if you want a site on the web.
See the bottom of this page for hosting requirements:

Hi. I had my hosting service install the c-panel platform. I have a url assigned for Backlight. I am on a Mac. When I opened the Backlight install folder to install the 4 items in it into the public html folder for the url, I notice that the Backlight.htaccess icon is showing but greyed out. It looks like it won’t install when I drag them to the public folder. Rick

Might be that it’s hidden. See Matt’s video on installing. Right around the 46 second mark.
Link to the video is near the top of this page:

It is showing, but it is greyed out. Rick

have you tried “unhiding” it, like is suggested in the video? How you do that depends on your operating system. If you set your system to display hidden files, it may no long be greyed out and you will be able to upload it.

I would like a refund of my purchase. Your software doesn’t work. It won’t install.
Thank you, Rick Schwab
purchased 1/25/2022

Backlight definitely works if installed on a properly configured server.

Have you tried re-downloading the files? The .htaccess file being greyed out and unmovable sounds more like an operating system issue. Have you tried making the folder setting that The Turning Gate suggests in its documentation?

What operating system are you using?