Hiding Draft Essay set

I’ve had a go at Essays and this is a big plus point for Backlight options on presenting work in a blog type mode as @Matt says in his video.
Is there an obvious thing to do to properly hide a Drafts set as demoed in the video?

I’ve just created the one Essay but set up and hid the Drafts set. Is there a way to stop this appearing on the page?
These are the settings for Drafts

I assume I’m being a bit of a PICNIC at the moment. On my mobile phone, the Drafts set does not show but is does on the desktop - MAC OS Firefox.

I was being a PICNIC!
I was still logged into Backlight Admin. Now gone from desktop but I was thrown by it not showing on the phone but I suppose that was because I was not logged in through that device. I said I was dull yesterday.
Great new feature though.

Haha. Yes, when logged in, you can see everything. Mind the icons; they’ll tell you what’s hidden, or otherwise protected.

Thanks I Like this new feature a lot Matt