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I am running BL v3.2.2, Win 11 (the latest release) and run the latest Edge.

Home - Franz Zihlmann Photography

I receive an error when I click “Galleries” and “Search” see below:

“Something went wrong
preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated in 95-page-3.0.4-13-733-menu_153-93-index-2.0.1-16-179-1-admin.view-1.template on line 124”

Everything works fine except for the above error.
Can you help, please?
Franz Zihlmann

Could be that your host is running a newer version of php, perhaps creating incompatibilities with Backlight 3.
You might need to revert to an earlier version of php.

You can check the php version being used from Backlight. You’ll find a View PHP Info link in the Admin area. I can’t remember exactly where it is in BL3.
Can you take a look?

Also, a link to your site could be of help.

Hi Rod, the link is:

I will check the PHP version.

you also have issues with Font Awesome icons. This is because of changes in how Font Awesome in integrated with Backlight.
See: Upcoming Changes to Font Awesome

If you want to keep using Font Awesome you have a few options. One is to buy Font Awesome Pro and integrate it with backlight through custom css.
Font Awesome free is also an option. Again, you’ll have to integrate it with Backlight. I don’t remember if Backlight 3 had the option for serving Font Awesome locally.

If you go the Font Awesome Free route, this may be helpful: Font Awesome 5 Free Unicode Fix - TTG Tips and Tricks

By far, the easiest thing to do (probably for both Font Awesome and your original problem) is to upgrade to Backlight 5. It’s kept up to date with php versions so you shouldn’t run into more compatibility issues as php changes.

I think, based on Blue Host, my current version is:
franzzihlmannphoto.com PHP 8.1 (ea-php81)
My guess is that I started out with:
PHP 7.4 (ea-php74)

you should be able to revert to 7.4 I believe (I’m on Bluehost too)

How would revert back to PHP 7.4?

Bluehost has made it more difficult to find with their new and “improved” layout.
Log into your account. Click on Hosting. You should see, among other things, a box with Quick Links. the Cpanel link is there. Click on that.
Scroll down to “Software” and click on MultiPHP Manager.
You can change the version of php you’re site is using from there.

No cigar…it list’s PHP 8.1 (I am running under), 8.2, and 8.3.
If I do a search with “PHP 7.4”, the domain list is empty.

Ah. They removed the php 7.xx options.
That probably leaves updating to Backlight 5 as the only option then.

Matt’s made it a lot easier to do so:

How easy is it to upgrade to 5.3.0? As you remember, I have quite a bit of customization?

Coming from BL3, it’s super easy. Just purchase the upgrade using the same email address you used for previous versions. Go to your Backlight Modules page and click on the Update All link.

All of your customization should still work. There may be differences if you’ve customized Font Awesome icons.

If you’re using Lightroom Publisher, you probably need to update the Publisher plug-in as well, Maybe? Current version is 7.0 I believe.

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I upgraded from 3.X to 5.X and from all I can see everything works. Thank you😁!