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How do you insert a single large photo on the Home Page with out it appearing any where else on the site? I created an album template called “Front page” to insert the single photo on my Home page but it also is now located in my Gallery page.

Here is my site: http://www.markandmichellegallery.com

I like the way the large photo looks. I used the Hero setting to produce the large image, but how do I remove the thumbnail?

when you go to my Galleries page, you see the album titled “Front page” with the same image. How do I remove the album from the Galleries page but keep it on my Home page? But again, the objective is to have a single large image on the home page. Thanks


you can hide the album from the album set.
Edit the album. Look under the Features tab. There you can hide the album from the album set as well as search.

That will hide the album from the Galleries page.

But there is no provision to hide the thumbnail from the album.

To do what you want, you could use a Theater album. Either the Still a Image presentation or Vegas Slideshow.

When I click on the link above “Theater Add-on Presentations | Backlight” then click on the “Example” link for various presentations I get the following:

"Paradox 404!

You’ve found a page that does not exist."

Matt probably needs to update the url to reflect the recent changes to the TTG site.
use the Galleries link on the TTG home page