Hook for Contact Page

I thought I remembered some kind of a hook for the Contact Page (like phpPlugIns), but now I can’t seem to find it. Maybe I was dreaming…???..

I need to be able to filter and “block” (return “Thanks for playing chump, try again next time” to thankyou.php) on specific text and/or email addresses (“block list”). I thought there was a sendmail php call or some other similar configuration or a hook in phpPlugins but I can’t find any of them now.

Thanks in Advance!

I do not believe there are any hooks around the “Thank you” message for the contact form, nor any means of blocking form submission using a blacklist.

Thanks, Matthew, I guess. Does Backlight call sendmail.php? I remember when I was using wordpress, I could hook that…

And I’m trying to figure out how to setup recaptcha. It would seem from the Backlight documentation, it is free, but google wants me to enter billing information…

Well, duh. At least I got the Captcha figured out. But still would like to be able to filter certain content from my contact page (specifically, the bozo’s trying to sell me “SEO”).

That’s what the reCaptcha is for. I don’t know what “sendmail.php” is meant to be referencing; is that a Wordpress thing? Beyond that, you should set up filters in your mailbox.

noDaddy body filters (text of message) don’t seem to work. And you can’t filter on From, To or Subject since those are fixed by Backlight. Regardless of what I think of them, some of the spam offers appear to be from humans and not robots, but I have turned on recaptcha to hopefully quell the deluge.

WRT SendMail.php, I believe WordPress contact page used a PHP, SendMail.php. I know I found one in my WP backup (I was originally on CE3, took an excursion to WP, found it’s content management abysmal and came back, by which time Backlight was available). Most website mailers use the SendMail cgi in some flavor.

CE3 used a third-party script called FormToEmail. Backlight’s mail is all custom code. And if the spam is coming from humans, then there’s nothing we can do about that; anti-spam measures are meant to catch bots, and let humans through. And that’s where your mail filters come into play.

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Ah…I knew I remembered that from somewhere! The problem I have is that noDaddy’s webmail only supports filtering on to/from and subject, all of which are fixed from the contact page mailer. On their account settings, there is an email config where you can set rules on body text, but it doesn’t seem to work at all. :cry:

Personally, I would redirect mail to my Gmail account, or into a mail client, and then set up more robust filters at that endpoint. I can’t imagine your host’s webmail is very compelling to use.

Not in the least, except that it is more compelling than GMAIL.

Regardless of client, the filtering is in the MTA.