(How) Can I do this with Essay?

When Essay was announced, I was excited, because I thought at first that it was the answer to the site that I wanted to create. However, I can’t see how to accomplish one of my fundamental requirements - am I missing something obvious, or is there an easy way to do what I want using Essay as starting point?

A significant chunk of the site that I want to create will be ‘Trip Reports’ for the wildlife holidays that I have taken. I visualise these as:
Some descriptive text
Some images showing the locations, lodges and people ( that can be run as a slideshow)
Some more text for the next stage of the trip
Some more images
More text
More images
etc, etc.

So far, so good with Essay.

However, at two or three places in this flow, I would like to include links to separate Albums ( as if this were an Album Set), to get to the Albums of Wildlife and Birding photos - as these will contain more images than I would want to put ‘in-line’.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this would be gratefully received!



You could just add text links that lead to the albums in the page copy.

If you want an image for visitors to click on, then write that in using html.

If you want it to look like an an album set, you could use the TTG Responsive Grid and put an image linked to an album in each cell.

Thanks Rod - I’ll experiment with your first hint. I thought that it might be something like that, but wanted to check that I wasn’t missing an even simpler option!