How do I limit width of Nav bar

I’m upgrading to BL3 and my new navigation bar spans the width of the page. See here

But I want it to have a limited width like my old page. See here

Can this be done with BL3 Pages, or do I have to do it with CSS? (I’ve tried seemingly everything in BL3)

changing the layout width works for me (it does change the body width though.
custom css it is then.
try the nav.nav_h selector

I tried that but it doesn’t affect the width of the nav bar, which goes to the edge of the browser window. Limiting the width of the page in Layout does change the rest of the page width, though.

changing the layout width works for me. But only if I also use the Strict Width option. Have you tried that? It’s at the bottom of the Layout section.

custom css might be what you need then.
if so, try the nav.nav_h selector

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That’s it…Strict width option did it. Thanks Rod!