How do I stop managing galleries with Lightroom?

I am on my way to part with Lightroom and have not found an answer to the following questions:

  • At the moment I still manage the images with the Lightroom plugin, can I start uploading the images manually via web or does this lead to problems?

  • how to separate backlight from Lightroom - is there a setting for this?

  • will my current galleries still be available?

  • or should I start all over?

Thank you for your answers, which clarify the matter.


You can upload images to any album, whether it was created with Lightroom or Backlight, via the Backlight Publisher. Those images uploaded will not be manageable from Lightroom. But since you want to ditch Lightroom, this shouldn’t matter.
There is no setting to separate Backlight from Lightroom. I think you just simply stop using Lightroom to manage the albums.
If you stop using Lightroom to manage your albums and sets, you can still manage them with Backlight.

To test this, create a new test album via Lightroom. You can set it to be hidden under the Features tab.
Upload an image via Backlight Publisher. Try deleting images initially uploaded via Lightroom Publisher.

If you want to be assured that your albums will still be on the site even if you uninstall Lightroom, try this:
Create a new Publisher instance in Lightroom to upload to your current site. Add a few albums. Then delete the Publisher instance in Lightroom. Lightroom will ask if you want to leave the images on the server. Click on Yes.
Your albums should still be on the site and manageable through Backlight Publisher.


Hi Rod - thanks a lot for the detailed explanations. I will test it like this

Further to what Rod has said, the only functional difference with an album marked as being managed by Lightroom is that those albums can’t be moved to another album set in Backlight. This is because we have no way of telling Lightroom that an album should be moved to a different album set in LR’s Publisher module. There are other differences relating to messaging when actions are taken on albums and photos in Backlight that would be better done in Lightroom to maintain consistency between the two environments.
I will make a note to provide a way of changing a Lightroom-managed album to a Backlight-managed album.

Thanks Ben, I’m looking forward to read this note