How securely log out of community forum?

When I log into the forum, complete my task, and try to log out, I don’t see how to do it. When I click on my user icon at top right of forum page, it says “not signed in.” However, if I close the browser and quit, and then try to go to the community forum login page, it takes me into the forum without having to log in. So, I think I was still signed in, even though the info under my user icon said otherwise. How do I securely log off the forum page?

OK, I figured it out. Duh. I was clicking on the browser window user icon, not the “The Turning Gate” window user icon. For those of you who have the same question:

To securely log out of the community forum:

  1. Click the large user Icon at the far right end of the “The Turning Gate” menu bar (has the The Turning Gate logo at the far left).
  2. Click the torso icon at the top far right end of the dropdown box.
  3. Log Out.