How to avoid scrolling in the Home page

I would like to know how can I avoid scrolling in the Home page of the web site ( . I designed the page to include a single image every month, but I want to scale all in such a way that you don’t need to scroll down in order to see the entire image (something like decreasing the height of the “Main Copy”?)…is it at all possible?..decreasing the size of the image does not work…


you can try minimizing the padding in the main content area of your page template
you can try making your masthead shorter. Or put the masthead in the top pallet.
You can try using smaller images or in the html, set the image width smaller. Try 600px. When I do that in the browser inspector, that eliminates the scrolling on my monitor.

Another option would be to embed a Vegas for Galleria slideshow with just the one image, and then the slideshow will handle the scaling.

sorry…what do you mean by “embed a Vegas for Galleria slideshow”?

I’m pretty sure he meant Vegas or Galleria slide show.
you can embed albums into pages.

Thank you Rod!..I will check this option…in the meantime I tried some of your suggestions and some of them work fine…but I will also try this new way…