How to change GDPR notice design?

Hi all, how to change the GDPR notice design by css?
Did not find a solution for now.

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try using this as the selector:

form.backlight-form div

Depending on what you’re changing or adding, you may need to use !important since there’s already inline border, padding and margin styling.

If you have more than one form on your site, you can precede that with the specific body selector for the page slug

Hi Rod,

thank you for your prompt reply.
Using “form.backlight-form div” targets all boxes of the contact form. I wanted to css only the GDPR box but it has no id :expressionless:

Any thoughts about that?

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Yep, you’re right. There are two divs in the form. Try targeting the first one

form.backlight-form div:first-of-type

see the notice highlighted on my test site with a black border, light grey background and blue text:

Dear Rod, thank you, i will try that :slight_smile:

if you have any problems, be sure to post a link to your contact page.