How to change type font in captions

Version 1.2.2, how do I change the type font used in the captions of photos?

you’ll need to use custom css if you want them to be different than the main font.

I don’t recall if the selectors changed from BL1 so if you can post a link to your site I can probe it to find the needed selectors for custom css

Thanks for the quick response. I don’t want the captions to be different from the other pieces of text. Actually I don’t care too much about the font except the default (Arial?) has several characters that print the same (isn’t the point of a alphabet to have different characters that you can tell apart?) and so are hard to read.

Also, I don’t know anything about CCS’s and would rather not have to learn.

I was able the change the font in almost all the other pieces of text by editing templates, but not the captions.

The URL for my site is Is that what you need to look at it?


It would be helpful to have a link to a public accessible gallery. Maybe create a new album with just one image in there and hide it from the album set and share the link to it.

I no longer have a working BL1 site to look at, but I believe there were no font controls for metadata fields.
(there is in the current version)
So I think the only way to change the fonts is by using custom css. We can help you with that. You will need to set up for it at your end, which means creating a custom css file (all that’s require is a plain text editor), uploading it to the proper location, and enabling it in the page template.

As Daniel posted, we need to see an album with metadata displayed though.

I thought I no longer had a working BL1 test site, but I actually do.

You can use this code to change the font in your thumbnail captions for the earlier Okapi templates:

.the__gallery figure ul.metadata {
	font-family: "Times New Roman";

For Pangolin templates, use:

ul.image_metadata {
font-family: "Times New Roman";

Just use the font of your choosing. If it’s not a font that would normally be installed on your viewer’s computer or device, then you will need to embed the font in the site. We can help with that too if it’s something you want to try.