How to create Album Set Master Page

I created my website originally under Backlight 1 or 2 (forget which). I am only now doing some major reorganization of some sections. I used to have what for lack of a proper term, I refer to as “album set master pages.”

As an example, I have a top level menu called “Art.” Under that are menus which go to specific albums for “Galapagos,” “Mercados,” etc. If the user clicked on the top level item (Art), it would show an image from each of those albums, along with descriptive text.

The fact that the existing such pages still work, indicates to me that this is still possible to create. I have not been able to figure out where to specify it, in either the Lightroom Publish (which I am using to create these new albums) or the Menu designer for my new menu items though.

Below is a screenshot of one such current “album set master page.” How do I create new ones for my new menus?

In Backlight Publisher, create a new top-level see.

If publishing from Lightroom, create a new Publisher instance and point it to the new top level set

That was easy… once you showed me where to look. Thanks!