How to display spaces between metadata?

Hi folks
I would like to add spaces between metadata for better readability

This metadata string:
{D2} {T1} Image size: {CroppedWidth} x {CroppedHeight}

Displays as this:
Jul 5, 2020 5:53 AM Image size: 5943 x 4754

I am trying to display something like this:
Jul 5, 2020 5:53 AM Image size: 5943 x 4754


Have you tried just adding the spaces on either side of the metadata tokens?

Yes, I have added spaces after the metadata tokens
Strange, It looks like the same effect is occurring in this posting; the example I posted above included spaces after the {token} but those do not display here or in the preview either. The preview only shows a single space between words; if I put 5 spaces between these comma’s as here, , it only displays as a singe space.
It is the similar effect with the Captions on my site

I could be that multiple spaces get parsed to a single space. Just a guess.
I sometimes will put a bar between metadata items to help to visually separate them :
{caption} | {title}

Thanks Rod; that helps it a bit
The output is now this:
11/26/20 6:53 AM | Image Size (cropped) 7747 x 4842

Web browsers collapse multiple spacebar taps into a single space.