How to make a full backup of BL 2

Good day,

I have been using the TTG software for years. My website ( is made with BackLight 2. My website has a size of 9GB and is still growing.

My big fear is that the server will crash. Of course my photo files are local but all BL files on the server.

My question is: how can I make a total backup of the server with the BL files and possibly my photos.

Greetings, Henk

here you go:

Thank you Rod.

9GB is huge! How many photos are you hosting?

A bit too late for images already online, but if you’re using Backlight’s Publisher, then you might want to run images through JPEGMini before uploading. If you’re using Lightroom’s Publisher, then you’re sort of at Lightroom’s mercy – and Lightroom definitely does not create images small as they could be – but you might want to reduce the export quality of your images.

Jeffrey Friedl has published an incredible exploration of Lightroom’s quality slider that would be well worth reading.

Hi Matthew,

I have over 30,000 photos on my website, Everything uploaded with BackLight 2. I’ll take a look at Jeffrey Friedl’s story. Thanks for the tip.

That’s a lot of images.

When you say uploaded with Backlight 2, do you mean via the admin Publisher, or the Lightroom Publisher?

Admin Publisher

Great. Then JPEGmini would be a valuable investment for you. I keep it open most of the time on my desktop, and find that it drastically reduces the size of my uploads without compromising image quality. Nothing goes to the Internet without first going through JPEGmini.

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One thing to look at as well is the size of the log files. You can remove them in Backlight:

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Hello Matthew,
I also have a reaction to this (I am a friend of Henk) I use 15GB (Backlight 2) … and 44,000+ pictures
And also looking for backup option now made backup with Transmit (V4) but error messages with “sess_” files? but downloaded is that a problem?

Hi Matthew,
Uploaded with Admin Publisher

You should exclude the /backlight/sessions folder from your backup, or just ignore the related error messages, as long as they don’t stop Transmit from finishing the transfer.

When I do backups, I ssh into the my server and zip the entire backup directory. Then I ftp that zip file to a local drive. I don’t backup my gallery folders since they are managed by Lightroom.

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Thanks for info Daniel!!