I am struggling with a new website ( i have a number of others that work fine)
the problem can be seen at
the gallery labeled DEFAULT TEMPLATE works on all pages in both HTTP as well as HTTPS
the gallery using a kokaburra works fine in HTTP but in HTTPS the gallery does not display the images
Works at
does not work at

the images not shown are coming from a source that starts with http://. On a site that’s https, this is an insecure source so the images are not being shown.

Two things to look at:

  1. in Backlight Settings > Personalisation, does the Site URL begin with https?
  2. in Backlight Settings > Privacy > Automatically Redirect Browsers To https, is this set to Yes?

Those 2 changes fixed it
What confused me is that it worked in both http and https when I used the default template. Only when I used a kokaburra template did the images not display correctly
Thanks as always for your expertise and assistance.


that might have something to do with how Kookaburra works. Matt may have made it more secure.

There’s nothing in Kookaburra that should present a problem either way, though HTTPS is both preferred and advantageous on the modern Internet. HTTP is disadvantaged and not advised.