I cant recall if selections in lightroom are visible in the gallery? so I mark picks with a colour I dont see the picks in the gallery

I cant recall if selections in lightroom are visible in the gallery? so I mark picks with a colour I dont see the picks in the gallery

In the album template under Thumbnail Grid, enable Color Labels

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Yes I have that ticked but dont show, must be something simple I have missed

did you enable color labels before or after you published the image?
Are you using Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher?

I just ran a test. Images published using Lightroom Publisher show the color labels. Images published using Backlight Publisher do not show colored labels.

I don’t know if this is a metadata limitation or a bug. @Matt will need to comment on that.

It might be that colored labels are stored in the Lightroom catalog only and not available in image metadata?

I believe we are only handling color labels via Lightroom’s Publish Services.

I use publisher in Lightroom, not a big problem, I recall the colour picks showed in versions prior to backlight.

Should work in Pangolin. Make sure to export images with full metadata, though.

I can confirm that Backlight’s publisher does not have support for colour labels. I am looking into implementing it. It’s quite complicated, as Lightroom gives colours names, labels and numbers but only sets the label in the embedded XMP data.

I know we had them working at some point. Definitely in CE4, and I thought we had had it working in Backlight at some point. There’s definitely code in Okapi and Pangolin meant to display that stuff. I just haven’t used them personally in years, so quite possible it got broken at some point, and we didn’t notice.

the colored labels work fine in Pangolin. They show up as little colored flags in the upper left corner of the image thumbnail. (at least they do in the standard album, haven’t looked at Masonry or Justified lately)

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Whew. Thanks for the sanity check. :sweat_smile:

It’s working fine for me when publishing from LR but not via the Backlight publisher. Is that the same for you?


I have this working in our development code. By default, it relies on the labels literally being one of ‘red’, ‘yellow’, ‘green’, ‘blue’ or ‘purple’ (case-insensitive). That’s how LR sets the Label field when you assign a colour label.

The labels associated with the colours can be changed in Lightroom (Metadata > Color Label Set > Edit BE CAREFUL! changing a label may cause photos you’d previously assigned those colours to lose their colour label - at least until the label set changes are undone). They are presumably also different if Lightroom is set to a different locale.

Our LR plugin has a way of mapping the labels to literal colour names (red, yellow, etc.) using a function in the catalog. I’ve added a set of mappings under the Advances Backlight settings to cater to this in the Backlight Publisher. I did say above that it’s complicated!