I messed things up!

Sooner or later I was bound to mess things up. While backing up my backlight data file with FileZilla, I seem to have removed .htaccess, class-Lookup.txt and index.html from backlight. Now my right has text links but no design formatting and I cannot log into backlight. I get a “forbidden” message.

I tried replacing those three files from my backup but that did no good. How do I get things back up and running?

Backlight does not have an index.html file. (it uses index.php)
I don’t think there’s a class-Lookup.txt file either. I’ve never seen one in the depths of backlight related folders and I know there isn’t one in the root of the site. (at least in any of my sites)
The .htaccess file in the root of the site you can replace. Just upload it from the unzipped Backlight-installer-xxx folder.

  1. How do I get to the Backlight-installer? If I follow the published link, I get a Forbidden message.
  2. Should I be concerned that I have no index.php file that I can find. The index.html I have in my backup is a 0 bite file.
  3. The contents of the class-Lookup.txt file are as follows. Should I remove it from the site or leave it alone?
    [removed by Ben]

You downloaded the Backlight-installer.zip file when purchasing. It should be somewhere on your computer.

If you no longer have an index.php in the root of the site, you should upload that too, just like when you initially installed Backlight.

I don’t know what that txt file does, but it’s just a text file and probably can’t hurt anything. Ben will likely be the one who knows what it’s about.

Thanks for clarifying about the files. Now my problem is that for some reason I did not seem to have saved the installer file. I think I was of the opinion that I would never be locked out of mydomain.com/backlight/installer. But I am. I need some help.

class_lookup.txt is a file that Backlight creates to cache the location of PHP files. It doesn’t need to be kept or restored, and will be re-created automatically the next time Backlight needs it.

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I’ve removed the contents of class_lookup.txt from your comment, since the Internet doesn’t need to see the internal filenames used by Backlight.

I still am still stuck with a website that isn’t working right. I don’t have the installer file to replace the .htaccess file and am locked out of everything. Please help.

If you still have the email that contains the download link, you can download the zip file again.

Is this the site you’re referring too?

I am able to get to the Backlight login page as well as the Backlight installer login page. Are you saying you’re unable to get to these? Or are you unable to log in to Backlight or the Installer?

Now I am able to get to the Backlight login page as well as the Backlight installer login page. Maybe it is because I manually reinstalled .htaccess from the install zip file which I was able to download. But I still do not have the Backlight formatting on my site.

Should I reinstall the backlight modules from the backlight folder on my site? Will they leave all my formatting in place?

Yes Rod. That’s it. See below for other answers.

From the main Backlight dashboard try clicking these links:

Clear template cache
Update Backlight Index Files

And it wouldn’t hurt to reinstall modules if the other things don’t help. Do that from the Backlight Modules page, just click the reinstall links. Your design should remain; all that info is stored in the database, not the modules themselves.

All is well again. It was updating the Backlight Index Files that did it. Thank you, Rod.

Glad it worked :grinning: