I really need help

I have CG4 and now it stoped working probobly due to php newer than 7.2
I bought Backlight, installed it and now i wonder. Is it possible to se all the old client responses and albums that i created in cg4
I have made hundreds and now coustomers cant see them so I´m a bit of a panic.
Can someone please help me out.

If you were using Publisher in CE4 you could migrate your albums to Backlight.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can migrate CE4 CRG settings, responses, and clients to BL4

Is there a chance you can revert to an older version of php on your host?

7.3 is the oldest.

I think the most important is that the old albums that are sent to clients can be seen?
I tried to migrate but i can´t get it to work !
Is there any more help than the link ?

What have you done to migrate?

Did you perform the migration before adding new albums?

Were your CE4 CRG albums created with CE4 Publisher or were they exported from the Lightroom Web Module and uploaded to your site?

Have you purchase Client Response for Backlight?
Have you created CR album templates and applied them to your old albums (assuming you were able to migrate CE4 Publisher albums to Backlight control?

I´ve purchased Client Response for Baclight and installed it.

From Backlight’s dashboard, click the link “Upgrade Albums from CE4”.
I can´t find that link in the backlight dashboard.

I haven´t created any albums yet.

I used to use Lightroom to create albums. Can I still do that with Backlight and do i need to download something else to Lightroom as well ?

Sorry for a 1000 stupid questions !

That’s now on the Special Links page. In the Backlight menu go to Admin > Special links

You will be able to migrate your old CE4 albums provided you created them using CE4 Publisher.

Yes, Download and install the TTG Lightroom Publisher plugin. the link is on the Backlight Modules page, near the top.

Now I´m on my way.
It´s a bit (alot) different than the old lightroom upload but it works.
Now I have problem with the client response.

Do I have to register or something?
Can´t find it?
Have a nice weekend !
// Jonas

Can you post a link to a Client Response album?

Also: Under Admin > Special Links, try clicking on the Update album files and Clear template cache links.

Solved it.

what was the issue?

Don´t kill me now :wink:
I didn´t understand how to get the client response gallery to work. I had an old one that probobly didn´t have my e-mail or to CG4. I dont know, but i put that one into the modules folder. Witch gave me all the stuff in the menu but i didn´t work.
Then I bought the real one and installed it the proper way.
But I didn´t understand that the old one still was the problem, so deleted that from modules and it worked.
Sorry and thank you !
Everything startes to look like I want it.
I probobly have to do all the old galleries from CG4 again, but i just take the images from the server.
Have a nice weekend.

Glad that you got it working!

Is it possible to get more fields as in the old Client response.
I would like to have more information about the customers.
Now its just
Name, email and comment.
// Jonas

You can add fields in the Feedback Profile
Client Response > Settings > Feedback profiles
Then assign the profile to the album

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