I was told today that HostGator has dropped support for POD, SQLite and XML modules

My Backlight galleries hosted on HostGator stopped working after I upgraded to PHP 7.4 with error message “Unable to find the SQLite module. Backlight 4 requires the POD, SQLite and XML modules. Make sure that these modules are installed and enabled.”

HostGator tech support was not at all supportive and basically said “adios”. Big disappointment as they have hosted my sites for years. I suppose I could downgrade PHP to an earlier version if that is supported. What are my hosting alternatives? I see that others are having issues with Blue Host.

That is ridiculous about HostGator. Sorry to hear that.

Some folks have recently cited Dreamhost, and I know we’ve got some folks on 1and1. I personally am on Linode, though I have somewhat more robust hosting needs than the average Backlight user, as I run multiple sites from my server.