ICons broken

If there is any ez way to fix icons, I rly dont have time or will to fix or read manual it

what version of Backlight are you using?
I you’re still using Backlight 4, the easiest way to fix the broken Font Awesome icons is to upgrade to Backlight 5.

Also see this topic

Where does this go?
local files?


The css/ directory and the fonts/ directory found inside the fontawesome-free-5.15.4-web folder go inside the backlight/custom/fontawesome/ folder on your server.
You may need to create the fontawesome/ folder on the server.

Cool thanks, I ticked the local option for fonts but no folder. Does this work with galleries for CRG.
I ask because that is all I use backlight for.

Then just create the folder using FTP

It’s for all of Backlight, so yes

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files one by one or folder inside the folder. I have put all the single files inside the fontawesome folder but still dont get the icons in the gallery, I tried republish

The css/ folder and the fonts/ folder from the font awesome download go into the fontawesome folder created in the backlight/custom/ folder

And don’t forget, you’ll need to create the custom css file as outlined here:

okay think I am getting there what prefix does the .css have ? anything.css?

For your custom css file, you can choose any name as long as it contains only letters, numbers, dashes, or underscores. no spaces or special characters.

inside here are the css and fontawesome folders public_html/galleries/backlight/custom is that correct as the icons still do not show

The way things are set up, you should be able to download the ZIP from Font Awesome, open it, copy its contents into /backlight/custom/fontawesome, and that is all. No need to pick things apart.

that is what I have done< I will check basic stuff like spelling and dots

Did you also create the custom css file that will allow for the fontawesome free icons to work?
It should be uploaded to backlight/custom/css/
You will need to enable that file in your page template under Advanced Setup

If you’re still having problems, be sure to post a link to one of your pages or albums

Hi Rod inspect and the style sheet shows fontawesome pro https://ianleaphotography.co.uk/galleries/galleries/van-larsson-september-2023/

aha found the last piece of the puzzle I missed this (bit In Backlight, edit the page template and in the Advanced Setup tab under Custom Stylesheet, choose your new custom css file and save the template.)
I think a checklist will help other people it would have helped me so as well as instructions in sentence add a 1-10 checklist.
Thanks for the help

I cant recall if selections in lightroom are visible in the gallery? so I mark picks with a colour I dont see the picks in the gallery

can you re-post this as a new topic?