Image Renditions - Photo size

I’m using the same Album Template throughout my site. I recently adjusted the Image Rendition, Photo Size to 2048 px for both width and hight. But as you can see in the two examples below, only one of the album’s (alaskan-wilderness) photos are in the larger size (2048). Now this album, alaskan-wilderness, I just created and published today. The others, including the second example below were created previously, but I thought once I changed the template, the changes would be global across all albums using the template. I also tried republishing the albums (all created in Lightroom) but that had no effect either. Appreciate any help

Im using Pangolin Album, Dark Starter Page

You need to republish images after making this kind of change to the template.

In the Lightroom Publisher settings, make sure that neither the “Push metadata …” or “Publish thumbnails…” boxes are checked. That’s the important part.

Thanks Rod. I’ve done that couple of times now and checked that those boxes weren’t checked in the Publisher settings. Still the same. Any other things I can try?

Both images are 2048px wide. Did you clear your browser’s cache?

That worked! Thanks!! I reloaded the page several times but never thought to clear the browser’s cache. Thanks again

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