Images are published in original size instead of the size in the album template

Today I have published new pictures in an album which I always update. At the last publication May 27. everything still fit. Today I noticed that the adjustment of the image size does not match the size set in the album template. It was published in original size. The BL version is the current one and LR (Lightroom Classic-Version: 11.4 ) is also on the current version.


I was just having trouble it,too.
Lightroom v11.3.1 seems to work fine.

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Can either of you please post details of an album where this can be seen? Let me know which image/s are the incorrect size and what size you think they should be.

Image Renditions setting - Thumbnails 250px
Image Renditions setting - Photos 1200px
The original photo is 2398px.
It seems that the original photo is used for all of them.

LrC11.4 Lr ,Publisher Plugin 6.0.3, BL4 current version

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Thanks, @rena. I can see this now in my own testing. Something has changed within Lightroom 11.4 that is causing it to ignore the dimensions that our plugin specifies. I need to spend more time on this to see if there’s a fix or a workaround.


I have the identical versions of LrC and BL4 Puplischer like @rena. The sizes of the pictures are comparable. I used the identical album template for this. Even with a new album template, the images were always published in the original size.

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Hi @lema and @rena, I have found the problem and put in a fix.

Can you update your LR Publisher plugin to version 6.1.3 by logging into Backlight 4 and visiting the Backlight Modules page and downloading from the link at the top of the page? Please let me know how you go.

The issue was very subtle. In programming terms, Backlight returns the rendition sizes as strings. Lightroom 11.4 expects integers even though both appear identical when trying do debug the code.

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It worked perfectly on LR 11.4+6.1.3.
Thanks for the very quick fix!

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I have also tested it. It works fine so far. Thanks for the quick bug fix.

There is one point I have noticed for a while. Once images are published they will not update when they are republished because the processing (e.g. exposure) has been changed. I always work with a workaround here. Metadata changes are always updated. Is this effect known?

There is an option in the LR Publisher plugin that allows for updating metadata only rather than the image. Just turn that setting off


Having the same problem with backlight 3, will this bugg be fixed in this version aswell?

The plug-in has been updated for Backloght 2 and 3 as well.


What about version 1 (I still have a system running it) ?

Upgrade to version 4.




Answer off topic, I’m afraid. I have no intention to do so on this system. It will stay active for a while and I just want to know whether version 1 is affected by this new LR issue. If it’s not, that’s great. If it is, I would kindly ask why the early adopters of Backlight would be excluded from this general update process.


See here: