Images dissapear from Publisher

…but, they are still on line!
Since being on Backlight, I’ve been publishing from Lightroom 6. For a while now, I’ve been noticing that the images in some folder in Publisher have disappeared. But, luckily, they still are online. How can I restore these files? Must I re-publish them?


could you have originally published from a different catalog?
or maybe a different Publisher instance?

I don’t think so. Looking at the LR Publisher, I see many galleries indicating 0 images. But they are all still on line. And in Backlight Publisher, they are still there.

I don’t know how they’d be removed from the Lightroom Publisher albums. Double check to see if any other Publisher instances contain the same albums.
Is this an album you’ve migrated from one site to another? I seem to remember you moving stuff to a new domain??

I did in fact move some stuff around. However, that was a while ago. And this LR catalogue is the only one I work with. And I only have one instance of Publisher in my LR.
There is one thing, tough: I recently changed my work disk. It used to be QUATRO/Projet/all work folders. I cut out the “Projet” folder, that used to contain all my work folders, so it’s now simply the disk (QUATRO) and the work folders. Maybe that change mixed up LR Publisher.

that sounds possible. Do you see a missing file icon when you look at the image thumbnails in your catalog? It will be seen above the thumbnail on the right-hand side and looks like a rectangle with an exclamation point inside of it.