In what order do I create items for a page using Lightroom Publisher?

Am I supposed to create these in this order?

In Backlight 5:

  • Album Template
  • Album Set Template
  • Page Template
  • Top-level Set

In Lightroom:

  • Publisher with top-level sets directory name

Lightroom Publisher - do I name the Top-Level set here first or create a Top-level set in Backlight first and then enter the name in Lightroom Publisher?

Backlight Top-level Set - do I add a created Album Set and an add an Album or does Lightroom Publisher take care of that? Do I need both for a stand alone page with no menu?


Create your page template first (or modify the Default Page template), that controls the look of the rest.
Then create the album and album set templates. Order doesn’t really matter.

Galleries is the default top level set. It’s ready to go. Just set “galleries” as the top level set in Lightroom Publisher.

If you find you need more top-level set, like for clients, you can create that in Backlight Publisher and then create a new TTG Publisher instance in Lightroom Publisher. Put the name of the new top-level folder in the corresponding field in Publisher settings.

The default top-level set uses the default album set template. You can change this by editing the top-level set in Backlight Publisher.

Not sure what you mean

Thanks for your answer, Rod.

I posted the original question but I did not post the above comment. I don’t know where this came from - possibly a previous question. I’ve changed my password. I hope that helps.

That was quoted from the end of your original question,

Sorry, I get it now. That question referred to an Album Set and and an Album. I have created my own Top-level Set with no navigation and no menu just to post photos for a single individual - outside my gallery. Obviously, I need a Page template, but do I need an Album Set and an Album (both of these)? Or can you create a stand alone page with just a Top-level Set, a Page and an Album?

You want a stand alone page that contains both an album set and an album, is that correct?
if so, yes. Just create a new page and insert the set and the album.

No, I just want a stand alone Album of plain pages (thumbnails). What I’m asking is do I need an Album Set at all, or do you have to create an Album Set in order to view an Album?

The way albums are published is to an album set, so you need a set regardless.
But you don’t need to access an album from the set, you can insert an album into a stand-alone page if you want.

Is that what you’re after?

What exactly does this mean? Do you want a stand-alone page with thumbnails that lead to other stand-alone pages?

Yes, thank you. So, finally, since Lightroom connects to Backlight through the Top-level Set, I can then just create a Page Template to display one Page, but if I need several pages that is considered an Album and I have to create an Album Set to put it in. Correct?

Albums are groups of images published either through Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher, they are not “pages” in the sense of Backlight pages created by going to Backlight > Designer > Pages

We might be using different terminology.
Pages, as I just mentioned, are created in the Backlight Designer.
Albums are groups of images Published through Lightroom or Backlight Publisher
Album Sets are created in either Lightroom Publisher or Backlight Publisher and contain Albums, not Pages.

Oh I see. Thank you for clarifying that. I didn’t understand that Pages are created in Designer, and do not contain Lightroom content.

So if I have this correct now.
Pages do not contain images, just text (or if they do they have to be uploaded to the Page outside of LR).
You don’t need an Album Set to create a single Album, only if you want multiple Albums.

Mostly correct.
You add page content directly in the Backlight Page designer. You can add images, but you might need to use html and upload them to your server (depending on what you want it to look like). More on that here

Another option is to use an Essay album to mix images and text in an album copy area.

You need a top-level album set to publish albums to, whether it’s one album or thousands.

OK got it, thanks. I have decades of experience with HTML etc. (as a Web Developer) so that opens up interesting possibilities.

And Matt has provided a responsive grid you can use for just about any layouts.

Fantastic! Thanks. I love HTML5 .Sure beats the old days of trying to create responsive layouts by hand.