Installation and activation Kookaburra

I have updated to BL5 with costs. I have installed the current version 5.1.0. The Kookaburra modules are displayed in the module overview as not installed. I can not call them to create templates. How can I install or activate them. I would like to test the new features.


What version were you updating from?
Have you tried clicking on the Reinstall All link?

Can you post a screen shot of the Modules page?

Hi Rod,
attached the screenshot. I have apgedatet from BL 4 to BL 5 after I purchased the update.

When you purchased the upgrade, did you use the same email address as when you made the original purchase?

I purchased the BL5 upgrade in August 21, 2022. Since the initial purchase of BL2, the email address was changed to June 2021 (under BL4). I have passed the change on to Matt. He also confirmed this to me and changed the setting in the order details.

So all is good now?

The change and confirmation of the email address ic halles already made in 2021. Since my request I have not made any changes. The current state is as described above in the screenshot. The Kookaburra modules are not installed. But all other modules of BL5 (Pangolin) are installed.

try clicking on the Install All link
(sorry, I should have noticed that sooner)

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Thank you, that has now worke :grinning:

This is all normal. Backlight 4 is unaware of the existence of Kookaburra, so wouldn’t install them during the upgrade; it only installs modules that it knows about. Once Backlight 5 is installed, it is aware, and can then request those modules.

Any time we add new modules, you will need to upgrade in two steps:

  • first upgrade, then the app knows about the new things.
  • Reinstall All to get the new things.