Installation and Bluehost

Hi Guys,

Installing Backlight 5 from scratch on Bluehost because they borked my site. (see previous on the subject). So I thought I’d do a fresh install, new start etc… Currently the installer is looking for SQLite, Bluehost only supplies MySQL. Can anything be done, work arounds or am I stuffed?

PS. Anyone got any suggestions for hosting in the UK?

I use Cloudtree Cloudtree
I have several domains and help is good. Run by a small UK team.

Thank you Tom, I’ll have a look.

Next Question, I’ve had it with Bluehost, so I’m moving to a new provider. Do I have to have SQLite, or is MySQL OK for Backlight?

see the bottom of this page for requirements

SQLite is the requirement, but it should be supported everywhere. If Bluehost has dropped it, that’s absolutely absurd. We use SQLite because it requires zero setup by the user.