Installation issue

I am installing Backlight 3.
I entered the Order ID and my email address and clicked Log into Installer.

I get the message “The installer was unable to connect to the server. Please wait…”

I’ve have tried this 4 times with the same error message - 3 times with Safari, 1x Firefox.

Please advise.

Thanks, Paul

I’d say try again. I’m having no problem reaching the installer server.

I’d tried 2 more times for a total of 6 times. Is the installer trying to connect to the server that hosts my website or an installation server owned by TTG?

Has anyone else had this issue after entering Order ID and email and clicking on Log into installer Get this error message "The installer was unable to connect to the server. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

The installer contacts our server to request the most current version of Backlight. Updates and add-on installs follow the same process. This has proven to be very reliable, though in rare cases, a host may be blocking outbound connections, preventing your site from contacting our server. Else you may have security rules blocking the request.

Sounds like I have encountered one of the rare cases. Have you found in these rare cases that
the host will make exceptions and allow outbound connections or allow modification of the security rules.
If not, I would need to move to another web host.

Hi Paul, I’m not aware of hosts blocking access to outside sites intentionally. We’ve had cases where some network issues either at the host or between the host and our server prevented access. We resolved that by shifting our server to another service.

Can you ask your host’s support whether there’s any reason why your server can not reach ? And if so whether they can fix it or open access to that site.

Thanks for your excellent suggestion. Paul

When I try to get help asking the questions you suggested, their incompetent tech support has no clue what I’m talking about so I will need to move to another company to host my website. Should I move to Bluehost? I want to be sure that the Backlight3 software will install.

I’m less in love with Bluehost than I used to be, but hosting with them should be fine. Maybe also checkout InMotion and Dreamhost.

And maybe wait for @Ben to chime in on whether a move is really necessary or not. He might have some idea to get you running where you are.

If I change web hosts want to be sure I do not encounter the same issue. You are saying that Dreamhost should be compatible with installing Backlight3, correct?

Any host that meets the requirements listed on this page should suffice. These requirements are not obscure; we’ve built Backlight to run on the most standard of shared hosting services, which is presumably what you’re looking at in the $5-8/month range for hosting with companies such as those we’ve named above.

I am aware of Backlight users having been on Dreamhost in the past. I have not personally used them.

Are you aware of any Backlight users that have been on
That is the host where I am having the issues installing Backlight3.

I am not familiar with them by name.

Their website says their cloud hosting supports PHP 7+ and MySQL. They don’t say it outright, but based on what’s here, I would expect they would also be operating on Apache and supporting SQLite.

You could ask their support specifically whether they have the standard PHP modules installed for SQLite and PDO. I do mean standard; I would be surprised if these are not supported.

I am familiar with SQL. What is PDO?