Integrating PayPal with BL2

I am having trouble integrating PayPal with BL2. I read the post from TBCbarefoot in June 2021 updating the procedure. Is this integration simplified in BL4? If so, I will upgrade. If not, I will attempt to integrate with BL2 as it is quite satisfactory otherwise.

It should be the same integration, the cart hasn’t changed much, if any, in that respect. The credentials I started with back in the CE days still work in Backlight just like they did way back when.

I followed your instructions as closely as possible. Certain options were not exactly as described. The 3 PayPal TESTING options were available in cart settings. I located the API keys on my PayPal account. I copied and pasted then into the testing fields in Edit Cart Settings. I tried to make a test purchase. The PayPal logo appears in my cart checkout but when I click it, I get an error message:
Security Header is not valid Error code 10002
I am not able to paste the API creds into the “Live” API Fields as they are grayed out. I have tried to attach some screen shots but they display as code. Perhaps you will be able to see them? Any ideas what I am missing?
error-msg-2022-01-09 at 1.29.58 PM

I changed the PayPal deployment to “Live” and was able to enter the API creds into the live fields. But, I still get the same error message. Is it possible that this process just takes some time to implement?

@Ben will need to take a look

Hi @drdk84, PayPal makes it quite confusing. Can you double-check that you’re using the right settings in the right fields?

I’ve logged in to the Developer portal to check where they are.

  1. Make sure you’re seeing the dashboard at
  2. Click on Accounts under Sandbox on the left-hand menu

  1. Click on View/edit account for the Business account:

  1. Click on API Credentials:

The three values should then be used for PayPal Testing API Username/Password/Secret respectively.

5.In Backlight, click on the Cart menu link then ‘Reset the customer’s cart in this browser’ and try again to make a purchase again.