Integration with External Watermark Programs

As we all know, Lightroom’s watermark feature set is “lacking”… Is there any way to integrate an external watermarking app with Backlight’s Lightroom plugin?

Even something “semi-automatic” where the plugin pauses after exporting the photos locally (so I can run a watermark program over them) before un-pausing and having the plugin load them up to the website.

Anyone tackled this one before?

At present, it is not possible to use external plugins during Lightroom’s publish to Backlight.

I don’t make much use of LR’s watermarks. In what way are they lacking?

I would love to include the year the image was taken in the watermark. That’s what I do when exporting for social media or for my blog. That something easily be done with LR/Mogrify2.

You can’t tile them, you can’t rotate them to arbitrary angles, you can’t apply multiple to a single image, you can’t use randomization to make them resilient against machine learning-based removal.

Need more?