I're trying to move my backlight

i’m moving my backlight 3 to a new provider.
An error occurs on the page, the page only shows code.
I have tried PHP settings but can not figure out what the error is.
I hope you can help me.
PHP is 7.3


What files and folders did you move? How did you do it? Can you post a screen shot of the files and folders in the root of your site?

I’ve moved everything.
i have tried on another server where it works.
I have via FTP downloaded the entire page and uploaded to the new server

Things look like they’re in the right place.

This is what I would try:
First make sure you have copies of the data/ and custom/ folders from your site’s old location on your computer. Make sure you’ve got your galleries folder (I assume that’s the hlemmeside/ folder on your computer as well.

Delete everything you moved over and install Backlight just as if it was a new installation. Make sure you can log into Backlight and that you can also see the default pages (Home, About, etc.)

If that works, upload the backlight/data/ and the backlight/custom folders you downloaded from your site’s previous location to the correct location on the new site.
Upload the galleries folder.

If a normal installation of Backlight didn’t work, then there may be problems with your host’s configuration. @Ben would need to look into that.

When I visit your site, the source code for index.php is returned instead of the file executing. Does your new host provide support for PHP?

the new host has php and i have set it to 7.3. because 7.3 works on the old one

Hi @hjortholmfoto, I don’t know what to say other than PHP just isn’t working on your site.

Can you try the following?

  1. Create a new file called test.php.
  2. Inside the file just have the text ‘test’
  3. Upload the file to the top of your website, i.e. inside ‘public_html’ or ‘www’, so that it’s available at http://www.hjortholm.dk/test.php

If that works by showing simply the word ‘test’ when viewed in your browser at http://www.hjortholm.dk/test.php, can you then try creating a new file test2.php with this in the contents:

<?php echo 'test2'; ?>

I can see you’re right PHP does not work at all, because <? php echo 'test2'; ?> only shows the code.

I have to get hold of the provider again

Maybe there is an issue with the .htaccess file.

hi @Daniel, that’s what I was thinking. @hjortholmfoto, can you try to disable your .htaccess file by renaming it, e.g. to .htaccess_disabled, and then try reloading test.php in your browser?

It helped, now PHP works
Then there is another bug instead, but I have to try to fix it

hi @hjortholmfoto, disabling .htaccess is only a step to work out the issue. It’s still highly recommended for the file the be there and working. Since something in that file looks to have caused the problem, can you copy and paste in the contents of it?

What bug is it that you’ve encountered?

I can see that I should not have copied the htaccess file from the old provider over to the new one.
I have now put an htaccess file on which fits the provider and it works.

I get this error on the page.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘BacklightException’ not found in /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/helpers/ClassFinder.php:63 Stack trace: #0 /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(549): ClassFinder->requireClass(‘BacklightExcept…’) #1 [internal function]: Framework->ttg_autoload(‘BacklightExcept…’) #2 /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/helpers/ClassFinder.php(63): spl_autoload_call(‘BacklightExcept…’) #3 /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(549): ClassFinder->requireClass(‘NameHelper’) #4 [internal function]: Framework->ttg_autoload(‘NameHelper’) #5 /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(307): spl_autoload_call(‘NameHelper’) #6 /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(143): Framework->handleOtherConfig() #7 /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(41): Framework->init() #8 /home/www/hjortholm.dk/index.php in /home/www/hjortholm.dk/backlight/modules/module-framework/helpers/ClassFinder.php on line 63

Still, it could help if you post the contents of your .htaccess file for Ben to look at.

Hi @hjortholmfoto, it looks like at least one of the Backlight files is missing. In particular the file that should be at backlight/modules/module-framework/models/BacklightException.php. Is that file there?

Did you migrate your site using FTP? It could be that not all files were copied over.

I was going to suggest that you visit http://www.hjortholm.dk/backlight/installer/ and reinstall the core Backlight files, however even visiting that page shows that a file is missing (backlight/installer/lib/Installer.php).

Yes backlight / modules / module-framework / models / BacklightException.php is there

i’m trying to transfer it all again

That did not work either.

I wanted to install a new version but can not find the mail I received when I bought the backlight.

Is there a place I can download a new one

can I transfer clients to a new edition

Yes you can transfer clients to new versions of Backlight, You’ll need the data folder from the older version to be available though.

To get your purchase link, send a direct message to @Matthew To do that, just click on his name and then click the blue Message button.

Thanks I’m trying.