Is Backlight 4 with LR Publisher plug-in compatible with Lightroom Classic v5.7?

I’m trying to make a purchasing decision.

I’ve been using CE4 tools under the Web mode of LR 5.7 to create photo galleries that I then incorporate into my blog that is hand-coded, and this worked for me, albeit slowly, until I recently upgraded my OS to Catalina. Now LR Web mode is completely broken, although the other LR modes appear to function normally.

So far I’ve been able to determine that Backlight 4.x looks promising to replace CE4, but my workflow will change as I will now be publishing the galleries through the LR Publisher plug-in. At some point in the future when I upgrade my hardware LR 5.7 may no longer run at all, yet Backlight 4.x will be able to publish galleries as a stand-alone product, allowing me to use whatever photo library software I choose at that time.

Can someone confirm for me that my expectations are realistic?


Sounds right to me. I know the the Publish Services plugin works in LrClassic 6; will probably still work in 5.7, though I haven’t used Lr5 in years.