Is SEARCH case sensitive?

If I type “René Richard Cyr”( ) I get 3 albums containing this text. But, if I type “RENÉ RICHARD CYR” (, I get 10 albums containing that name.
Basically, I’m interested in locating Albums associated with a date, a production house, or an artist’s credit. In this example, we are looking for shows directed by René Richard Cyr.
The name is already in the credits section of each show (Album). But I am now in the process of adding these credits in the keyword section of LR. Also creating a keyword list so that names written in the regular lower case can be added uniformly. Hope this will help.

I don’t believe search is case sensitive. What you are seeing may be the result of how search results are prioritized.

From the documentation:

Photos that match on keywords will feature higher in the results. Searching on photos is done primarily on keywords, and secondarily on matches of title, caption and filename. Searches are further ordered based on the proportion of search terms found in the fields.

Hello Rod,
I’ve been creating a keyword list of all the names subject to be included in the credits for each show. This is a long and tedious affair, but in the end, it might help me. Anytime I create an album (a stage production), I add to the keywords all of the relevant names from this list plus the specific title of the show and the production house. These keywords plus the credits included in the album (which are searchable) should make the search experience more precise. Anyway, I am not using search to identify photos but rather albums.
Thanks for the information.

It’s been awhile since I last posted and I’ve been adding productions (albums) and filling out the keyword list for all. The search engine seems to work fine now except that, from time to time, won’t recognize names because of the query being in “normal” lower case while the names in the credits are in upper case.