Issue with a Backlight 1 Site

Hi, I found that one of my old websites (BL1) shows up badly destroyed although I didn’t change anything in the admin panel.

I first checked if it helps to downgrade from PHP 7.4 to 7.0 … (I though my provider might have changed something)… but they say no, and it didn`t help to downgrade.
I then deleted template cache - no result.

So now I think the problem might be on the Lightroom side.
I always used the same non-abo-Lightroom version.
I use publishers with old - BL1 and also publisher for another website with BL3.


When trying to go into settings from BL1 publisher I will get the following error-message:
(same when clicking in the LR Plugin Manager)


Any Ideas how to solve that for now?.. updating to BL3 for that site I wanted to in future but not now if possible.

In the page source code, the link to the site css starts with http, but your site stars with https. This may be the problem.
Can you go to your Backlight Settings and make sure that the site URL starts with https?
Also, try going to the main Backlight dashboard and click on the Update Album Files link under Special Links.
Then try clearing template and browser cache again.

Hi Rod,
Thank you for solving the problem.
Changing all URLS in the settings did the deal.

Interesting that the Backlight 3 - site still works… because
its domain had been changed as well to https.

BL 3 has a setting that redirects http to https. Maybe that’s the difference

only the Lightroom error did`t go away…
so this seems to be independant… still not synchronizing with the error from above.

is your Publisher plugin up to date?


2 of them… and one of them say “not saved” (nicht gesichert)

the latest Publisher plugin version is 6.0.2

What version of BL1 are you running? The final version was 1.2.4

ok… now its working
I changed the URL also in the plugin
and redid autentification.

Yes, I use the latest BL1