Issue with backlight cart sending emails about incomplete pricing

Hello! I’ve received several of these notifications from my backlight site recently. I’ve gone through and checked all of my products and pricing schemes, but cannot identify items that have missing information. Is there an easier way to determine exactly what this error is in relation to?

Your shopping cart at has been accessed, but no valid products or packages were returned.

To fix this, log into your Backlight admin and check that you have configured Products and set prices for all Pricing Schemes and Shipping Methods.

I’m getting into the season where I anticipate a good number of visitors to the site and sales, so I want to make sure that everything is working properly. Thanks!


Hi Jason, it should be quite apparent what’s missing. Can you provide me with a Backlight admin login so that I can try to work out what’s triggering the email? The best way is by clicking on my profile name and sending a message from there.

Hi Jason, thanks for the access. I can’t see anything amiss with your Cart settings. Have you made any changes to the pricing or shipping since raising this?

I did not make any changes in the cart section at all. I did update all modules, though. Is it possible that one of my subdomain installs might be at fault for the emails?

The link in the alert email should take you to the specific site that has send the email. Does that help?

Nope! It was for my main site and not any of the subdomains. The mystery continues. I’ll have to see if I get more of these emails after the module update.