JSON error in cart after upgrading to BL5 (packages)

I’ve just photographed an event and one of my customers has advised that they haven’t received a download link for their digital media - I’ve looked at the order in cart/orders and got the following error message:
Something went wrong
json_decode(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($json) of type string is deprecated in OrdersDAO.php on line 219

Might be worth mentioning that the transaction flowed through Paypal ok.

I’ve temporarily disabled packages so customers can’t order them, any idea please how to quickly resolve this so I can get the packages product live again?

@Ben will need to take a look. He’ll likely need Backlight Admin access.
You can save some time by sending him admin credentials in a private message.
You can click on his name above, then the Message button.

Thanks Rod, I’ve sent Ben a message. Really didn’t want to start digging around because I had a lot of activity on the the website yesterday evening so all I could do was disable the packages in the template and hope that everything else in the cart worked ok. Hopefully Ben can see what’s caused it.

Hi @kubicixfactor, I’ve looked into this and put in a fix via a silent update to module-cart. It looks to be related to trying to format options for digital downloads that don’t have options, and only affects recent versions of PHP.

The order is now appearing and this should be good to go from now on.

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Hi @ben, thank you for looking at this so quickly, really appreciated!

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