Kookaburra album Masonry/Justify Grid possible?

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I know it is not.
But is there a chance that one day will be something similar in Kookaburra album like masonry or justify grid?

Thank you.
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I am hoping so, but haven’t done the research yet. The hangup is that the Pangolin layouts are built on jQuery, and Kookaburra punts jQuery to the curb.

So, I’ll need to find pure JS alternatives, which will involve a lot of searching, testing, and then trying to implement to see whether they are actually suitable within Backlight. A lot of libraries I’ve looked at in the past were not suitable, for various reasons.

Or I will need to attempt to role my own, which will involve a lot of research, maybe some code porting from others libraries, and more time than I have on my plate at the moment.

Actually, this might be easier than I thought. It looks like desandro’s Masonry library has been completely rewritten as of v3 to no longer require jQuery. That’s perfect, as that’s the same library Pangolin was using with jQuery.

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So what youre waiting for? :grin:

Oh, I’ve been busy. Trying to get back up to speed on things now that this has happened …


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Congrats on your wedding, just wanted to chime in to say I’d love to see this as a feature also! Many thanks for your development of this truly brilliant product.

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I took a look at the link you provided above to desandro’s Masonry library.
Is there any easy way for a code challenged person such as myself to get the Kookaburra albums to use the masonry option?
Under the Install list on Desanro’s page, there are a few options. Don’t know what to do.
Thanks. I’m interested in taking advantage of Kookie’s image optimization.
PS, will there be a downloadable template some day?

No, this is something I will need to provide via a future update.

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Hi Matt,

when do you think we can expect an update that supports masonry or justify grid?

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Not the next Kookaburra update, but probably the one after that, if things go smoothly. December, maybe?

Thanks for letting us know :slightly_smiling_face:

@volvoxturbo @coyotepixel @VespertineD2K

Masonry has arrived.

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Yabba-Dabba-Doo :partying_face:

Many thanks Matt, that’s great news!

Hi Matt,

hope you enjoyed Barcelona!
Any plans to implement the Justify Grid to Kookaburra?

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Maybe later, if I can find a good way to do it without jQuery. It’s not a high priority at present, though.

Matt, thanks for clearing.