Kookaburra Album protection possible?

Hi all,

I want to protect a Kookaburra album with access password but no field appears to enter the password.

Is this not working yet or am I doing something wrong?

Best regards,

It works for me on regular Kookaburra albums but not essays.

Are you seeing the same?

Screenshot 2023-10-14 144848
I did :-/

The album is gone on the page and there is no field to enter something.
btw. I am not testing in the same browser

I just edited my reply above.
Is this in a regular album or an essay?

it’s a regular one

but wait…

Can you share a link to an album along with the access code so @Ben and @Matthew will have something to look at?

I inserted the album in a page like this:

this is the essay thing, no?

Oh, you’re using the Essay Anywhere feature to insert an existing album into a page?

Ok, thank you Rod, I got it.
yes, I was linking to a page where I used the Essay Anywhere feature.
Everything fine now! :slight_smile:

There ya go. I think you can only protect albums and sets, not pages. If you want to protect an essay, it will need to appear on page published as an album. If you want this to appear on a site as if it were an actual page, then just link to that album directly in your navigation menu. Visitors won’t know the difference.