Kookaburra and multilanguage

Hi all,

is it already possible to create a multilanguage Kookaburra page e.g. with a navigation menu with phplugins and if with which hook?
Or does this currently only work with different pages in subdomains?

I am excited about your answers.

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Multi-language support doesn’t require phplugins. It’s all done via the Backlight menu and your html content. Have a look at the documentation at https://backlight.me/docs/multilanguage-support

@Daniel have you been able to get it to work on Kookaburra pages? I’m having no success.

Hmmm… Yeah, doesn’t seem to work. I wasn’t aware of this Kookaburra limitation :frowning:

I haven’t yet added multi-language support to Kookaburra. I should add it to the roadmap.