Kookaburra and Pangdalin togeather

For a reason I can’t figure out, it looks like you images are being sourced from a url that starts with http:// but your site starts with https://

In your Backlight Settings, under Personalisation, does Site URL begin with https://?

Seems to work fine in your Pangolin album, but not in Kookaburra. Something for @Matthew to comment on.

Not sure if this is why the images are missing, but it is throwing an error:

The site URL needs to be updated to start with https://

Wonder if Kookaburra has extra security to prevent https sites from sourcing non https assets?

There’s the option in settings to redirect http to https; that’s it. There’s nothing special that Kookaburra does with any of this.

@wongchoy1 Please make sure your cPanel chooses with your host are not interfering with Backlight. For example, like I said above, the folder permissions may be problematic for you. Enable HTTPS redirect in Backlight’s settings, and make sure your host isn’t messing with that as well.

Thanks Matt & Rod !!! changing setting to the below seems to have solved :slight_smile: I just checked it quickly and will test more later today. Anyway - thanks both.

Automatically Redirect Browsers To https yes


oops ! it worked on a few albums then hit the problem again. cannot workout the pattern between what I do and the issue. I will read the rest of the instructions and try reassigning album templates from within backlight. I have not touched cPanel today and not sure how to check if it interferes with backlight. there were a few other oddities : when I published one album today it auto-opened another album at the end of publishing. it did that a few times. but i restarted lightroom and it did not do it again. also i notice that after I change album templates between pangdolin and kookaburra and visa versa, mark to republish, and republish - it runs quite fast. I expect it is just updating meta data on backlight and not fully republishing … and not sure if normal. I am just testing between meetings so will test more when get a chance to try to work out the pattern. I will try reassigning album templates in backlight and then try totally removing directory security and see if either of those solve.

hosting provider is bluehost

OK - now it works again !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: To fix, I suddenly had a bright idea and added the “s” to the end of HTTP in the following settings – which i guess is also what Matt instructed me to do but i just missed it the first time. Will test more to confirm.

Company URL https://bezy2.com/
Site URL https://bezy2.com/

Rod and Matt, I did a lot of testing and the below definitely fixed all issues. Thanks again !!

  1. Changing setting to:

    Automatically Redirect Browsers To https = yes

  2. Adding the “s” after http in the below settings:

    Company URL https://bezy2.com/
    Site URL https://bezy2.com/


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