Kookaburra Essay possible?

Hi all,

I fail to create an essay with Kookaburra. I followed the procedure in Matt’s video, but at minute 8:21 when I go into the demo essay album only the uploaded images appear but no icon in the running head.

Is it even possible to create an essay with Kookaburra at this point and if so, how?

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It should work. But I’m seeing the same issue on my test site (Pangolin essays are working).

See if this thread helps:

It has to do with how your site and api url are set up. Mine are both set to start with https:// and I’m still seeing the same issue you are. So the suggestions in that thread may or may not help.

Hi Rod,
thank you for your quick response.
Everything is without www. even the htaccess is edited:

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !^443$
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]  
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://oliver-blum.com/$1 [R=301,L]

and I didn’t use Lightroom, just followed Matts video step-by-step

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I’ve tried it using Lightroom and Backlight. Getting the same results.
And if I click on one of the images, I’m not seeing the large image, just the Fancybox background. This happens whether I’m logged into Backlight or not.
Are you seeing the same?

Same here :thinking:

I am not aware of any issues with the Essay functionality, and would expect everything to work. If you’d like me to take a look at your site specifically, please message me with:

  • username and password to access your Backlight admin (you can set up a new account for me in Users)
  • link me directly to an essay with which you are having an issue

Basically, I need to be a logged-in user to investigate.

Hi Matt,

thank you, let me try something before i get back to you.

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Dear Matt,

sent you a message.

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Oh, I see. The problem is in the title, and I just wasn’t thinking.

Neither Kookaburra Essay nor Kookaburra Journal should be publicly available yet. I thought we were leaving them out of releases, but that seems not to be the case.

The Essay and Journal features are currently only functional for the Pangolin family of modules, and will be forthcoming for Kookaburra sometime down the line.

Sorry about the confusion. That’s on us.

Hi Matt,

thanks for the clarification.
Do you have any idea when the features will be available?

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I’m hoping to wrap up the next release soon, and then I want to start working on Kookaburra Essay in earnest. As for ETA, probably between one month and the end of summer? Rather than just porting the pangolin functionality, I have some good ideas how I’d like to improve on things for kookaburra.

Oh yes, thank you for your information.
I am very excited about the functionality of the new Kookaburra and would like to thank you once again for your excellent work!

Best regards,

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