Kookaburra Essay vs Pangolin Essay

Hello everybody,

I am doing a test with “Kookaburra Essay & Pangolin Essay”

Kookaburra Essay: Kookaburra Essays test - Airshow Aviation Photography by Henk Tito (login code 3645)

Pangolin Essay:
Test Test Test PREVIEW 2024 - Airshow Aviation Photography by Henk Tito (login code 3645)

Now comes my question. When I open the Kookaburra Essay test page on my macbookpro 13" (1440 x 900) and click on a thumbnail the picture is small (see file kookaburra). If I open the Pangolin Essay test page and click on a thumbnail the photo is large (see file pangolin). In both cases, the originals files are 1500 x 1000 pixels.

If I do this test on an external monitor (3440 x 1440), I don’t have this problem. What is set wrong in Kookaburra Essay. I can’t find it.

I’m on Windows so can’t duplicate your set up. But both your Kookaburra and Pangolin Essays look normal and act the same for me. Clicking a thumbnail results in large images being shown in a slideshow.

The only difference is that I don’t see the slideshow controls in your Kookaburra screenshot. Maybe the script hasn’t fully loaded in the browser? What happens if you give the album more time to load?

Hello Rod,

The album shows the images super fast. Waiting longer has no effect. Also changing another web browser in this case Safari does not solve the problem either.

I think more that it is with the screen resolution of my 13" MacBookpro. But then what is strange is that the Pangolin Essay test page does fine. That one shows a large image.

Just checked on my 13" ASUS laptop (Windows 11) and now I’m seeing the same as you. The laptop display is 1920x1080.

No clue as to why this would be. As far as I know, it should act the same as it does on my desktop.

I’m not seeing the same behavior when checking a Kookaburra essay on my test site. Is everything up to date in your Backlight installation?

That’s interesting. I see the same behavior on my Mac using Chrome. Something for @Matthew to look at.

Did you upload the images to a Pangolin template, then change to Kookaburra?

For some reason, the slideshow is setting the slide height to 250px. I’m not seeing why it would do that.

Hi Rod,

Everything is up-to-date!

Hello Matt,

The images were loaded in directly from Kookaburra. What I am going to do now is delete all the images and then re-upload into the Kookaburra template.

Didn’t work. I get the same result on the MacBookPro 13".

Kookaburra settings for image renditions include these instructions:

For best results, upload images at 2x size. For example, if setting 1024 as your long edge, then upload images at 2048; this allows Backlight to generate appropriate renditions for Retina / high-density displays.

Your 1x and 2x photos are exactly the same size. So I think the problem is that the slideshow is getting two renditions, expecting 2x to be exactly that, and handling it accordingly (rendering 2x at 50% scale). Because because your 2x images are actually 1x, the end result is an image displayed not at 1x as intended, but at an effective scale of 0.5x.

We can maybe write some code to check for renditions that are the same size, but to confirm this hypothesis, please upload images sized according to the instructions cited above.

Hello Matt,

I created a new test page: Kookaburra Essay 3000-2000 pixel - Airshow Aviation Photography by Henk Tito where the photos are uploaded 2x size. So 3000 pixel x 2000 pixels. Seeing on my MBP 13" the size of the photo is now correct.

But that does have huge consequence on the file size of the images (Despite the fact that I also use JPEGmini-Pro to make my images smaller).

I now doubt whether Kookaburra is the best option for me. Maybe better go for Pangolin Essay solution.

With the larger images, you’ll get the clearest, sharpest images on 2x displays (Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, etc.). Doing side-by-side comparison, it’s very noticeable.

But I will try to put some code in that will do a size check, and try to determine whether to handle 2x images.

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@HTito We’ve released an update that should solve this for you.

Hello Matt,

This update is working well. Thanks for all your efforts. :smiley:

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Glad to hear! Thank you.