Kookaburra first thoughts from my site transition

Generally I have no major problems with Kookaburra, now that I can navigate around what most of the setting do. That is/was my major issue, especially due to the transition to page dominated configuration. Which by the way I like very much. Some form of guide would help. ie a sample site with copy/title that say 'This is the slideshow toolbar" “this is the main image padding” etc.
Some of the settings are a bit general, ie padding is all sides. I don’t expect sliders to adjust each as the configuration would be huge but some indication of how to target it in custom css would help. It can be done but you have to do some searching through source code etc.
Options to centre album and Album set copy text. I did it with custom css (may still be a configuration I missing)
In doing this exercise the one thing I decided I really wished I could do with my lightroom albums is actually set the copy text via Backlight not Lightroom. It would be much easier to change.

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You can. After publishing from Lightroom, edit the album in Backlight Publisher and look under the Page Content tab.

Have you tried using the browser’s Inspector to find the css?

Yes, and downloading the generated CSS from the source code as I did with the fontawesome issue. Just thinking of something like a crib sheet may help those who are not confident.

Will Have to check but isn’t that overwritten when you next publish from lightroom

No. If you make text changes in Backlight, they are then reflected to Lightroom Publisher.

Brill somehow got the impression it worked the other way. But not tried it since the early days of Backlight

Another area that I missed was the opportunity to change the slideshow duration, also the transition is a little harsh it need either an ease in and ease out option or alternative and more gentle transitions.
I has a look into the code and could not see any way of changing this.

I would also like to see some Classes/ID’s that maybe contain no css but would make it easier to target certain design elements. the example I am thinking of at the moment is the Thumbnails and centering them. I could not find and adjustments so I had to add custom css. I was a bit concerned that, as they were only tags i may have affected other areas of the design. In the end I added
“.main article div:nth-of-type(2) {
justify-content: center;
It works with no conflicts that I can see. But if that DIV had an empty class it would have been easier and safer to target.
I understand that this raises the question where and how many do you add.

Pangolin had container DIVs for content and galleries; Kookaburra does not, and will not; I want the styling to be such that it is easy to intersperse galleries and text, the value of which should become more clear when essay features are introduced. But if you want to target image grids for example, you can target the data attributes instead of class names:

div[data-presentation="grid"] {
  background-color: red;

Empty classes aren’t useful, as you would still have to override whatever styling is on the element, even if defined under a separate class name. Everything in the layout is targetable as is. For specificity, you have usually copy the same set of selectors I am using in the stylesheet, then prepend them with html, e.g.:

html div[data-presentation="grid"] {
  background-color: red;

This should usually allow you to override things pretty cleanly.

Thanks for that, I will need to exercise my little grey cells as targeting data attributes is not something I have looked at much before. I will look at modifying my CSS. I have already run into an issue as i have another gallery that the thumbnails are not in the second div of type but first. So using data attribute should solve this.
Time to start learning