Kookaburra Home Page With Image

In previous versions of backlight I had a home page for my website that used either a single large image or a slideshow (3 large images in rotation). How would I achieve a similar sort of thing with Kookaburra. Also, when I tried to insert an album on my home page I would tick the box but the dropdown was empty (did not show any of my albums).

I don’t believe you can insert albums into Kookaburra pages.

If you want to insert an image, use html.

As Rod says, just drop an image into the copy area using HTML (or Markdown).

Kookaburra does not, and will not support embedded albums. That’s something we’re leaving behind. In a future version, you will be able to add albums similarly to how Pangolin Essay works.

Or use the shortcode [photo:123456_12345] to insert the image. More about them on Writing Copy in Backlight | Backlight

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I forgot about that. Saves having to write out the url to the image.

So is it possible to rotate through a few images on a home page (preferably as a slide show)?

Kookaburra page doesn’t support a slide show album like Galleria or Theater can create.
Instead, use a Pangolin page for your Home page and insert either a Galleria or Theater Vegas slide show.

In the Backlight 5 roadmap I see that there are plans to add Client Response at some point. Are there any thoughts of adding Galleria or Theater like features to the Kookaburra page in the future or will these features only be available in Pangolin pages looking forward?

Galleria has a jQuery dependency, as does a lot of what’s in Theater. No jQuery in Kookaburra, as its a bit old-fashioned, and Kookaburra is aiming to be modern. So no, Kookaburra will not support those add-ons.

At some point, I will explore new potentialities for various presentation types in Kookaburra. Not quite there, though; still working on laying foundation.

The heavy-lifting for later implementing Cart and Client Response features will be to rewrite our interfaces without jQuery. I’m not looking forward to it.

Before Backlight supported slideshows, I created my own. Although I did this 6 years ago, this still should work, even with Kookaburra: Adding a Slideshow to Backlight Based Pages – Daniel Leu | Photography

Thanks everyone for all of the info. I’m going to try to go all Kookaburra. :slight_smile:

Yet another question. Can I use PHP Plugins in a Kookaburra page? I’m trying to disable right click to make it harder to download images. Thanks.

I don’t see the option in the Advanced Setup tab so my guess is no.

Not yet. It’s on the roadmap.

Thanks Rod and Matthew. I should have gone back and read the roadmap again before asking the question.

Are there any current hooks in Backlight 5 that I could use to inject code to disable right click?

Not in Kookaburra. PHPlugins implementation is also ahead on the roadmap.