Kookaburra Roadmap

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Kookaburra Roadmap

Kookaburra is new in Backlight 5, and a work-in-progress. Milestone priorities may change, and I will do my best to keep this page up-to-date. Your feedback will also help to guide this process.

Before commenting, please understand Kookaburra’s guiding principles.

Also, understand that Kookaburra is not meant to be a one-to-one feature map of Pangolin. Some things will be jettisoned, either because they conflict with our guiding principles, or because they create another type of conflict. For example, Kookaburra will not include jQuery; because of this, Kookaburra will not support the Galleria or Theater add-ons, which are heavily jQuery dependent. If you need those add-ons, stick to Pangolin.

Milestone 1

in Backlight 5.0

  • basic page layout + album thumbnail grid
  • basic slideshow functionality
  • excellent Lighthouse scores for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO
  • hero images in albums
  • image presentation: single column
  • image presentation: thumbnail grid
  • image support in the header
  • image support in the running head
  • keyboard accessible, responsive navigation menu
  • keyboard accessible Tab/Shift-Tab support for page and slideshow
  • multi-outlet, two-line captions in the slideshow
  • password protection
  • protected photos support
  • single-image HTML pages
  • smart albums compatibility
  • structured data support
  • styling for breadcrumbs
  • styling for forms
  • styling for typography, suitable for essay writing

Milestone 2

in Backlight 5.0.2

in Backlight 5.0.3

  • “Backsplash Exposure” slider
  • cookies/GDPR notice
  • Google Analytics 4 (for Kookaburra and Pangolin both)
  • navigation on single-image HTML pages
  • read more …

in Backlight 5.0.4

  • custom CSS
  • opt-in grid framework
  • preliminary PHPlugins support
  • read more …

in Backlight 5.1.0

  • slideshow customizations, customization options, and improvements
  • read more …

in Backlight 5.2.0

  • upgraded slideshow

Coming soon

  • extra metadata support for images
  • further slideshow improvements
  • Kookaburra Essay
  • multi-language support
  • photo download

Milestone 3

  • Fotomoto support
  • Kookaburra Journal
  • maps support

Milestone TBD

  • alternative presentation types
  • focus-trap util
  • header taglines
  • support for the Cart Add-on
  • support for the Client Response Add-on
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