Tagline in Kookaburra

I’m experimenting with Kookaburra and trying to find out where if at all the Tagline property is in Kookaburra.
I use it in Pangolin and find it useful. If I add the same content to the only option I can find which is Company_Name then on mobile the the menu icon gets pushed way off to the right off the screen.
This does not display like this on a desktop but does if viewed on my iPhone 8

I used to have the Professional Photographer Ipswich tag underneath OWENS in Pangolin.
I’m only using this domain to test Kookaburra as my live site is still Pangolin.
Grateful for any pointers.

There is no Tag Line field in Kookaburra. That’s not to say that it may come some day. But I don’t see it in the Kookaburra roadmap

And the Kookaburra phplugins file doesn’t yet have a hook for title or masthead

Thanks Rod. The Tagline was a nice feature in Pangolin. I hope that something of that ilk makes it into Kookaburra

Something I can look into adding. I’ll tentatively add it to the roadmap so that I don’t forget to try it.

Thanks Matt